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    We are providing services relating to the Investigation for using counterfeited trademark in any district of Bangladesh with very competitive rate.

    We have a special team for investigation of the infringed trademark.

    Our investigation report will includes the following information of the Company under investigation:

    1)      Name of the owner / proprietor;

    2)      Legal Status;

    3)      Year of establishment;

    4)      Number of branches with address;

    5)      Contract details (including email id);

    6)      Names of the Manager;

    7)      Number of employees;

    8)      Registration details;

    9)      Sales Tax No./VAT/TIN Number;

    10)  Internet search;

    11)  Membership of any association;

    12)  Listing of local search engines;

    13)  Popularity of the entity;

    14)  Types of products offered for sale;

    15)  Photographs to determine the extent of usage of the counterfeited mark;

    16)  Area / Size of the restaurant;

    17)  Furniture and electronics items;

    18)  Actual Seating Capacity;


    For more information, please contact with us.

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